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WWF Yellow Submarine


Create a mobile exhibition to encourage audiences across the UK to petition government over marine issues affecting UK coast.



We dissuaded WWF from taking a regular box trailer style approach in favour of creating a bespoke immersive experience in a themed trailer. The telescopic Yellow Submarine trailer we created was designed to expand allowing for easy towing while doubling its volume on site. Interactive viewing portholes and themed controls inside enabled visitors to explore the issues and send an e-torpedo after sighting 10 Downing Street in its video periscope.


  • The Yellow Submarine, a nod to the Beatles famous song created high impact, attracting audiences and unprecedented media attention across Britain.
  • The fun environment attracted children who encouraged their parents to come onboard.
  • Britain’s first online petition to Government from the sub achieved media coverage and bought attention of issues to Parliament.
  • Sir Paul McCartney visited the vessel when it visited Brighton
  • An accompanying exhibition stand we created for WWF at the Party Conferences drove footfall to the submarine which appeared on a nearby beach. The exhibition won several best stand awards.
  • After 3 years on the road, the submarine was retired to the National Marine Aquarium as a
  • Permanent exhibit. Overall the campaign achieved its aims making a hugh return on initial investment.


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