Smoke gets in your eyes

AMD Alliance International


To raise awareness of the link between smoking and blindness and to persuade the European Parliament to include eye health related warnings on tobacco packaging. The campaign was multifaceted, involving multiple stakeholders, the use of the RNIB Eyepod, static exhibitions and nationwide events culminating with an event at the European Parliament.



For the European part of this campaign we worked closely with Zirk Theatre in Brussels who we had worked in partnership with for other European campaigns. Theme related props, banners and music were created to re-inforce the message. A teaser press campaign was mounted prior to the event and involved disposable ash trays, cigarette/cigar butts and nicotine stains enclosed in forensic evidence bags. These were mailed to press contacts. Flyers invited parliamentary, press and media to ‘A blinding performance of street theatre’.


  • Press and media were intrigued and picture stories appeared in European Publications and on European TV channels
  • The European Health minister and associates attended the event and discussed the issues directly with our clients
  • A press conference was held where the props and banners we had created were used to draw attention while health evidence and impacts were aired by the AMD Alliance International and RNIB campaigning to put health warnings on packaging.
  • Cigarette packaging now carries a visceral picture and warning that smoking can cause blindness.


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