Onboard Experience

LRDT, Cultural Olympiad


To communicate the story of the Britains first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Jurassic Coast, to tourists and visitors of the London 2012 Olympic Sailing and Paralympic events in Weymouth.



Build an airline brand called Jurassic Airlines and a use a pop-up airport in which to explore fossil fuels and issues of environmental security.

Take visitors on a  high speed ‘flight’ through time and place using a self built 737 cabin simulator–an immersive high speed tour to discover the deep heritage of the coastline while exploring linked environmental issues caused by climate change.


  • The highly popular educative and immersive experience ‘flew’ 10,000 visitors from two pop-up airports in Weymouth and Lyme Regis.
  • Engaged hitherto hard to reach audiences with geology, chemistry, paleontology and earth sciences while encouraging climate change action.
  • Paid its own way through ticket sales
  • Attracted 120 community volunteers and offered young people work experience
  • Won the Olympic ‘Inspire award’ for innovation, education and community involvement


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