Lord Mayor’s Show

Beating Bowel Cancer


To create a stand-out brand experience for the Lord Mayors show in London.



Beating Bowel Cancer brand is about challenging taboos. We proposed a humorous strategy to tackle difficult issues head-on. Working alongside an experienced float company hired by our client, our solution conveyed its message using audible, visual and digital means. Featuring giant Taiko drums disguised as toilet rolls and specially designed toilet drums we created for playing by a volunteer crew, we beat the competition to draw attention to the facts. A radio proximity beacon fitted to the float also transmitted its campaign message to all nearby smart phones.


  • The crowd was amused and resulting social media created a viral amplification effect.
  • BBC coverage of the event gave Beating Bowel Cancer float an unprecedented 8 minutes of air time.
  • A mobile radio beacon transmitted messages to nearby phones and coincided with strategically placed banners in the crowds
  • Giant toilet rolls, toilet drums and beaters made from toilet brushes featured as part of a follow up campaign where they generated additional traction.
  • The campaign involved volunteers affected by Bowel Cancer and this fostered empathy with the general public while generating follow up news stories.
  • High return on investment with event collateral being re-used for wide range of other smaller media stunts and events.


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