Learning from the past



Our initial brief was to find a way to convey the past efficacy of vaccination in order to introduce a new method of vaccination using a needle-less syringe. This was to be an educative experience aimed at school nurses.


Our approach

We authentically created an old schoolroom interior where every item became a prop that a teacher (actor) could use to interact with pupils (the audience). A digital blackboard with 5 selectable lessons was controlled by the teacher. Each lesson dealt with a different subject – e.g Maths – dealing with the efficacy of vaccination using a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humorous commentary. An accompanying school exercise book was to be completed by pupils while following the lesson on screen using private radio headphones. Pupils wrote their answers into the exercise book which was checked by teacher– designed to be both educational and lead gathering.


  • Audiences responded well to the nostalgic theme. Onlookers, intrigued by not being able to hear the commentary, wanted to find out more about why participants appeared so amused.
  • The teacher was able to assist pupils by checking their exercise books and helping them learn key exhibition/sales messages.
  • The stand stood out from all its competitors due to being aesthetically opposite in design to the many corporate white competitor stands.
  • The exhibition organisers (Kenes) remarked that it was the most effective and popular stand they had ever seen.
  • The stand exceeded its targets with a high yield of follow-on interest.
  • A highly portable version of the stand was created which shared the digital assets.
  • Completed exercise books provided an evaluative record and feedback opportunities.


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