Mission: Control



We were asked to find a way to engage an audience of medical professionals through a customer journey that would link the latest in medical research with a memorable experience that would demonstrate the mode of action of their Asthma treatment drug.



We developed a two small stands in the same exhibition hall. The first was a ‘mission control’ centre offering practitioners a digital experience in which to learn the latest findings in Asthma and COPD research referencing an exploded model of the product – an asthma treatment delivery vessel which they would later visit. Support scientists on hand via video discussed  the latest research data with participants.

The second stand housed our multi-sensory flight simulator. Journeys departed into space towards the mother ship (inhaler device) for fuelling with Budesonide and Formoterol before entering a patients airway to examine how the latest research was embedded in their innovative treatment regime.


  • Medics were hungry for the latest research from independent scientists and were attracted to the offering
  • Participants could examine findings without pressure from sales staff.
  • The flight simulator provided entertainment with serious messaging. Participants could see the mode of action of the offer in context of previously viewed research.
  • Brand values were re-inforced through memorable multimodal communication.
  • Feedback on participant experience was achieved through ‘Landing Cards’
  • Both stands were popular and generated a high yield of enquiries.
  • The experience informed a series of subsequent performances where sales targets were exceeded by 20%.


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