Elevator Pitch



Global rapid diagnostics company Alere, asked us to find a new way to showcase their research findings and latest innovations to medics attending ECCMID, an international medical conference in Barcelona.



Our conceptual solution involved creating a captive experience in a passenger lift where we would deliver Alere’s ‘elevator pitch’.

Understandably, our client was not keen to share their content with their competitors but wanted to appeal to those working on the frontline of antimicrobial stewardship.

The proposition, ‘Could your antimicrobial stewardship use a lift?’ involved identifying and inviting pre-qualified audience members into a simulator to transport them to an innovation hall.


  • While Alere’s lift never actually left the ground, its combination of audiovisual effects and haptic feedback gave a convincing, enjoyable and immersive elevation experience in which passengers learned about Alere’s rapid diagnostics systems.
  • Audience members and competitors were intrigued to find out what was going on behind closed doors.
  • The captive audio visual experience inside the lift encouraged occupants to give their undivided attention.
  • The quieter interior space of the innovation suite enabled sales staff to welcome and introduce potential customers to new products displayed in private area screened from the noisy environment of the exhibition hall.
  • The innovative feel of the experience communicated Alere’s brand values and contributed to their message about solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance such as MRSA.
  • The new approach produced a steady stream of visitors who had been ‘warmed up’ on route to the innovation suite.
  • Clipboard questionaires  were used for consumer research and visitor feedback enabling further contact opportunities.


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