Democratic Diagnostix

Electoral Commission


Engaging the general public, especially younger people, with politics and the role of the Electoral Commission was the challenge given to HCC in this brief.



Create a drop-in clinic where people could be diagnosed to ascertain their current level of political engagement.

We provided a series of light-hearted interactive challenges in the guise of brain scans, psychometric tests, political pulse tests and wallet massage tests to ascertain levels of political intelligence and engagement. By using humorous analogy our system was designed to demonstrate the effect of different political choices on income, lifestyle and liberty.

Staff were trained to role play as political medics, examining each patient for signs of political malaise.

‘Patients’ completing the examination were issued a prescription of tablets to deal with the body politic as well as a bottle of PoliticEau to wash them down with. Related prescription forms were created to invite participants to a range of fringe meetings at each of the party conferences.


  • The stand was popular with politicians and young people alike.
  • Created social media and linked press stories
  • Effectiveness of the approach mentioned in EC Annual Report
  • Personalised fun with a serious punchline
  • Entertained onlookers who watched on an overhead screen
  • Received several best exhibition stand awards 
  • A portable version was designed for a subsequent Scottish version ‘roadshow’.
  • High return on investment for client.


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