Bucket list

Breast Cancer Care


Our client wanted to find a way to encourage an empathic response to their campaign aims by engaging audiences with their messages about the most important wishes of people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. The highest priorities of patients with this life threatening prognosis include access to effective medication, pain relief and a better system of joined up continuing care. Our task was to identify a way to build a portable interactive experience that could be easily assembled by staff and transported to venues in a compact flight case.


Our Approach

We wanted to find a way to foster a personal and memorable connection between real patients and viewers who could help Breast Cancer Care achieve their aims – this wanted to include external amplification channels to spread the message.  By holding ‘brainstorming’ workshops and working in partnership with Breast Cancer Care’s internal communications team to analyse needs,  we identified ‘Bucket List’ as a theme and evolved a stand design accordingly. Films were made of the volunteers who communicated their personal wishes.

The pop-up stand design involved back projecting each of 5 video stories into the inside base of real metal buckets buckets which had super-realistic models of each subject on their front openings. Selectable buttons triggered individuals’ stories to appear inside each bucket base. We appealed to one of the UK’s leading 3d printing company’s to donate full 3d scans and models of each woman to bring each story to life in context of their lifelike image. The effect was to intrigue the audience with the innovative process, encourage empathy toward each patient and offer a means to help.

A themed bucket list quiz was devised which enabled audience feedback with the incentive of winning a small prize.


  • The stand was compact and portable enabling it to be easily shipped by courier to venues.
  • Assembly was tool free, plug and play without the requirement for a technician
  • The unusual and innovative technology created intrigue while bold stand graphics strengthened brand awareness.
  • The stand was interactive and memorable drawing visitors into conversation.
  • The quiz incentivised action and offered feedback and evaluation.
  • The stand sponsor a 3d printing company – (part of our win-win media amplification strategy) publicised their involvement through websites and social media driving interest to their both their own services and Breast Cancer Care’s message.
  • MP’s from all parties were engaged in BCC’s Messages creating press, web and social media  and media stories
  • The stand won best charity stand award at the Labour Party Conference


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