A Stitch in Time

RNIB, Party Conferences


RNIB asked us to explore ways to communicate the cost effectiveness of timely treatment for patients with eye conditions versus its longer term impact on health budget expenditure. This was to be used to inform MPs attending the Party Political conferences.



Taking an example of a cataract operation that typically cost the NHS £900  our plan was to visually demonstrate the knock-on budgetary effects of delaying treatment. For example someone elderly with cataracts may be prone to falling over. A hip operation may cost in the region of £9000 or if delayed further the cost of hospitalisation in the hundred of thousands.

We created a haberdashery as a story telling shop where every item within it could be used to communicate a financial aspect of RNIBs message. The shop, called ‘Stitch in Time’ was populated by sales staff who would deliver the story using sample books displaying patterns and threads related to RNIBs messages.


  • Stitch in Time was extremely popular with its authentic nostalgia appealing to a wide audience
  • Multimodal and Multi sensory stand experience involving tactility, humour, audiovisual engagement and live interaction performance
  • Stand scripting ensured a consistent and powerful ‘sales’ message from RNIB staff who took the role of haberdashers.
  • Generated unprecedented social media attention including appearing on the websites of numerous MP’s who supported its aims.
  • Featured on BBC TV and website.
  • Display items featured in news articles
  • A wool pattern featuring David Cameron, former Conservative Prime Minister appeared on the front cover of Guardian G2. Nick Clegg and David Milliband were also featured on wool patterns.
  • Themed giveaways included a replica pre-threaded needle pack for delegates. This carried RNIB’s stitch in time messages beyond the exhibition
  • Won the coveted best charity stand award at the Labour Party Conference


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