If you want to increase the power of campaign marketing consider a bespoke immersive roadshow. The Yellow Submarine developed and managed for the 2 year Oceans Recovery Campaign ORCA, for WWF was packed with innovative interactive marketing tools including Britain’s very first e-petition to government, launched by an e-torpedo when sighting 10 downing street in the periscope. 

A travelling roadshow is an outstanding way to engage audiences, raise your brand profile, champion your cause and interact with your customers in their own location. It can also provides an interactive environment in which to immerse your vistors in a holistic experience. Design exploration and strategy planning is the key to launching any successful tour because of the numerous benefits that we know a well designed roadshow can bring. We’ve worked in partnership with our clients and project managed specialist engineering contractors to deliver designs which have obtained unprecedented results.

Our work on campaigns promoting accessibility for disabled users such as those with visual impairment, reduced mobility or hearing loss has given us valuable insight and experience to develop accessibility solutions. Meeting the requirements of the disability discrimination act should be a given, but exceeding these can add significant perceived value and an inclusive experience for all.

Creating a touring exhibition can be a major investment for any organisation, our experience can help you identify the pitfalls and benefits while guiding you forward.

Talk to us in the planning stage, we guarantee you won’t regret it.