‘Onboard, a journey with Jurassic Airlines’ was created by Richard Hartnell for the Lyme Regis Development Trust 2012 Earth festival and the Cultural Olympiad at Weymouth to support the London 2012 Olympic sporting events. The project ‘flew’ over 10,000 passengers aboard a pneumatically controlled bespoke flight simulator – a 12 seat cabin section of a Boeing 737. The project was awarded the Olympic Inspire mark.

The Jurassic Airlines theme was awarded funding by the Arts Council and others to become an augmented reality installation to promote the beauty, biodiversity and geological significance of The Jurassic coast; a Unesco world heritage site stretching 90 miles from Exmouth to Swanage. As an educational tool it raised awareness of the links between the past, present and future using geology and fossils to explore climate change and our use of carbon based fossil fuels.

The Onboard experience was evaluated by the use of landing cards filled out by the audience. 3000 responses were collected with an overwhelming majority finding the experience both educational and entertaining dealing with climate change issues in a non-preachy format. We are currently discussing developing the experience into a travelling roadshow to address the issues of climate change, marine issues and earth sciences through an entertaining engagement process. Please contact us if you would like to be involved with this exciting project.

Here’s what the Local Authority had to say at the end of the Olympic Show;

Without doubt, outside of the Olympic sporting events held in Weymouth, The Onboard Project
was certainly one of the most popular. With over 7,500 Passengers experiencing the World Heritage site in a realistic and immersive sense, our audiences learned through a highly engaging and entertaining experience

Simon Williams, Head of Portland and Weymouth Olympic development team

During 2019 we have been seeking a permanent home to expand the Jurassic Airlines experience to engage the public in climate change awareness offering a range of simple solutions to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change as predicted by UN scientists. To do this we are seeking the support of many organisations who want to make a positive effort. This is a not-for-profit venture. Please contact us if you can help in any way.