The best way to understand the mode of action (MOA) of an asthma drug is to see it in action in real time through the use of AR/VR techniques. In this experience, delegates were invited to check in at a mission control centre displaying the latest findings in Asthma control before boarding our 5D immersive flight theatre, which uses a 360 degree CGI film. The simulator departed the conference centre every 6 minutes bound for innerspace.

Tracking a fight path of particles inhaled from the mouth deep into the lungs, airborne medics could observe the ‘real time’ interactions and compare the effects of different types of particle sizes and distribution methods. A head up display offered research based evidence to support the clients product claims displaying medical feedback at the point of action.

Passenger feedback was collected from landing cards with many professionals commenting on how innovative, educative and entertaining the presentation had been. Flights took place back-to-back throughout conferences held in Sweden, Spain and England with client audience engagement targets being exceeded at each.