Global rapid diagnostics company Alere, wanted to find a unique way to showcase and share their research findings and latest innovations to medics attending ECCMID, an international medical conference held in Barcelona. Understandably, Alere were not keen to share their content with competitors but at the same time wanted to appeal to those on the frontline of antimicrobial stewardship. Our conceptual solution was to pose the question ‘Could your antimicrobial stewardship use a lift?’ A convincing lift simulator was created to reinforce this message and transport a carefully qualified audience to a private ‘4th floor’ innovation suite away from the hubbub of the main exhibition hall.

While Alere’s lift never actually left the ground, its combination of video effects and vibratory movement gave a convincing and immersive experience in which passengers learned about how rapid diagnostics solutions could precisely test, target and treat infection and avoid the use of broad spectrum antibiotics; a major cause of antimicrobial resistance such as MRSA.

The stand itself was fully enclosed, built from translucent plexiglass allowing light but reducing ambient sound levels. A specialised sound system and haptic transmitters in the lift delivered sensory effects while a commentary on Alere Innovation was delivered through the lift intercom system. A stand communication strategy was devised to maximise all brand touch points while sales staff tracked actions using a quantifiable feedback and measurement process.

This novel experience attracted many visitors, curious to know what was hidden beyond. The lift acted as a unique gateway to the stand with entry being controlled by staff. Pre-briefing visitors via the lift intercom improved their receptivity of products on display in the innovation suite while keeping competitors away from the disclosure of Alere’s leading edge research and development.

Note; We have developed several types of passenger lift simulators to enable clients to tap into the unique qualities that can be gained from taking audiences on a captive and immersive sensory journey. Many of these have involved the use of pneumatic lifting actuators to further enhance the reality of this fun and engaging passenger experience.