A list of five important messages that Breast Cancer Care wanted to impart to MPS for women diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer was the message behind this award-winning stand. The brief for this small audio visual display included portability and the need to stand out from the competition.

The 2mx2m exhibition was to convey a wish list of five objectives that Breast Cancer Care (BCC) wanted the Government to address for those living with incurable Secondary Breast Cancer. Our concept consisted of five buckets into which were projected  videos of women diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer. We worked closely with BCC to involve a specialist 3d printing company so that both parties could use the resultant exhibition to gain photo opportunities and marketing publicity.  In the final piece, highly detailed figurines of the woman diagnosed with secondary breast cancer are linked 3 dimensionally to their individual videos which describe each of their stories in relation to each of the five issues.  A sixth bucket was provided for collecting delegates and MPs own bucket lists which were distributed as awareness raising leaflets incentivised by a prize draw – 3d figurines of oneself.

The exhibition was awarded best 3rd sector stand prize and encouraged a great deal of media coverage and political debate. Sponsor, My 3d twin, were able to showcase and gain publicity for their high definition scanning and printing.

In 2016 delegates voted ‘Facing the music – Timing is everything’ a new stand which featured a giant moving metronome and ipad based quiz,  Best Stand 2nd prize at the Labour party conference.